アイスランド レイキャヴィーク市・中心部ヨーロッパ2014.09.25


特別企画「tripro VOICE アイスランドWEEK」
今回はアイスランド大使館のHalldor Elis Olafsson(ハルドル・エリス・オラフソン)氏より「アイスランド レイキャヴィーク市・中心部」をご寄稿いただきました。

Since I was small the capital Reykjavik has always had a mystical appeal to me.

I grew up in a town which is directly connected to Reykjavik called Seltjarnarnes. As a small boy I always looked forward to going into the „City“. Compared to large cities around the world, Reykjavik is very small, with only 200,000 inhabitants, but for Icelanders it is the biggest we have.
私は Seltjarmarnes と呼ばれる、レイキャヴィークに隣接する町で育ちました。小さい子供の頃、「シティ」へ行くのをいつも楽しみにしていました。世界中の大都市に比べるとレイキャヴィークはとても小さく人口はたった20万人。ですが、アイスランド最大の都市です。

Walking around the old neighborhoods of the city will give you a very good sense of how the city itself evolved. It grew out of neighborhoods around the old Parliament buildings, and has since spread quite far into the neighboring hills and valleys.

My favorite place specifically is the area around the Reykjavik pond (see picture). From banks of the small pond you have a good view of the horizon of buildings in almost all directions, and on days when the weather is nice, the different light sources give the city a very special hue. Particularly it is exciting to walk around the Reykjavik pond on cold autumn or winter evenings, when the air is crisp and people can walk, and skate, on the pond. Kids are returning from school and workers returning from their offices, and the atmospere is comfortable. Once in a while you will even spot an airplance fly directly overhead for landing or departure at the nearby Reykjavik Domestic Airport.

レイキャビーク池Credit: Promote Iceland

In 2011, there were also planted trees in the park next to the pond, to celebrate the connection between Iceland and Japan. It is surely a sight to see.